Our Mission

Maintaining defences against IT security threats has become an integral part of most organisations' business strategy.

However, ensuring that your organisation remains secure from the ever increasing range of dangers, whilst allowing business information to flow freely, has become an increasingly difficult and time consuming task.

Oxygen will work with you to provide effective solutions to your network security headaches, allowing you to focus on your core business.  We aim to be your preferred security partner by:

- Making time to understand your needs

- Building solutions that deliver maximum value

- Maintaining excellence in customer service

- Keeping you fully informed on relevant issues

- Being easy to do business with

For a breath of fresh air from your IT security partner call Oxygen

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Data Privacy

The threat of personal data being stolen is increasing. So it is no surprise that more countries are implementing data privacy regulations, to protect their citizens’ sensitive data. These regulations establish data privacy as a fundamental right, and commonly require organisations to take a ‘Privacy By Design’ approach to compliance. 

Organisations must demonstrate compliance with privacy principles and obligations and adopt transparent information handling practices to give individuals confidence that their privacy is protected. 

Security is no longer an option; it’s a requirement. Data privacy regulations fundamentally change the data security cost/benefit equation, for any organisation, and the penalties for non-compliance may be severe. These penalties may take the form of high fines, but also damage to reputation and negative impact to share price. 

Organisations must take 4 key steps to comply with data privacy regulations:

 -Identify where sensitive data resides

- Minimise the number of data repositories where possible

- Safeguard data with encryption and key management

- Control access by establishing strong, multi-factor authentication to any resource that holds value

Our expertise

Our team

Oxygen Secure Systems have been providing and supporting network security solutions for over 15 years.

 We are always looking for people who are highly skilled and share our passion for excellent customer service.

If you would like to be considered for a role within a truly dynamic and developing organisation then please contact us.

You'll need an up-to-date CV and a proven track record in IT security sales or technical consultancy. 

We do not accept candidates from recruitment agencies. 

Our team

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Data Encryption

Protect data in any environment

Cloud HSM

Secure and manage encryption keys with no up front cost

Multi Factor Authentication

Cloud or On-premise MFA

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